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I have just listed out a few personal thoughts, which in turn could be taken as the motivational factors for this very project and would greatly appreciate your comments on the same. Thank you.


 A deep desire to get to know the heart of God as revealed by the Master Jesus Christ, and a repeated question whether I, who present myself as a believer in Jesus -do really believe such statements of the scripture as �Seek ye the kingdom of God, (loving God and loving others)...and all the needed things will be added unto you, and do not store your treasures here where it will ultimately be dissolved but seek eternal treasure, and the suggestion that the best service rendered to Him would be to serve those who are outcast and need help.

(Matthew: Chapters 6 & 25) 

 I do not consider this in any way as a challenge to us- it is more a challenge to God, provided we are faithful in the least!  I can confidently say that He has taken up the challenge and has been extremely faithful in spite of all our short comings .


 I am not alone to weep in silence about the declining reputation of most of the Christian mission hospitals which were once the role models beyond compare. When the Scripture asks us to proceed with the values of  God�s kingdom and promises that other things will  follow us, we have just reversed the whole issue and are obviously after money with the explanation that we need it to be effective and competitive!! I have had the painful experience of  being questioned by our revered  Bishops, What is the turnover? How much do we earn? etc.   I had often been pushed in to the heart-breaking circumstances of referring them to organizations that are able to cater quality care  with out any charges. What is the use of mere statistical evidence of increasing church membership? There are  plenty of opportunities yet open for expressing the love of Christ that we all claimed to have received free ---so God willing many may take up this kind of challenge and thereby see for ourselves how amazingly true His words are.

 THE ULTIMATE DREAM - To be different -  

 1)   When the community is loosing faith in the medical fraternity and are scared of being exploited, we want to give them a chance to exploit us � giving them the opportunity to drop the �bill� in the offering plate!  and to co-ordinate with willing Mission  and Government hospitals to offer the best service with least expenditure.

2) To compete with the corporate hospitals and  render a decent service, with a basic difference, a) in not making any monitory demand, b)in defining who our VIPs and VVIPs are -namely the widows, the fatherless and the oppressed.

Let us mutually encourage each other and reap the peace and joy that the world can never give------  Emmanuel---God is with us----  ( Home)



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