A WIDE GAP IN A "SMALL WORLD" !!

With all the scientific advances, faster transport and rapid communications, we call  the globe a "a small world", but please take a few seconds to see the huge gap.

It's Christmas 2006. I am writing this far away from the remote jungles of southern India. I am sitting in the cozy and comfortable home of my son in Rockville, Maryland, reflecting on some recent events. Just three days back there was a fire mishap in this Rockville neighborhood, and within minutes the sirens screamed, the tires screeched and the rescue crew was on the spot. The victims were transported to the best medical centre in suburban Washington DC within 30 minutes.


A 4-yr old child was badly injured and within the next few hours was airlifted to Boston Children's Hospital. My thoughts traveled faster, to recapture the happenings in the remote corner where I visit.  Guess what is inside the bundle, which looks like a hammock. (Pictured left below)


Bundled-up---------                                                           Un-bundled-------

This lady (pictured right) had to be carried this way for 10 kilometers! She had acute gastroenteritis and when she reached, she was severely dehydrated with a cold and was clammy and had no pulse. (This is the common mode of transporting very sick patients, and this requires so much effort from the immediate family). With no gadgets whatsoever to monitor or evaluate the basics or the electrolytes-- she walked out after three days after being treated just with limited I.V. fluids.  No transport, no gadgets yet we see cures! Such a great gap in almost every thing -but many times the results aren't that different! Strange equations! Is it possible that God has a hand in all this?     

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